Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar
No vibes of silence to enlighten yet!
neither voices of solstice aftermath to withdraw hours from blaze of the day
nor the breaking of news of worldly pandemic as knight to awaken humanity either. Yet world needs to move on…
darkness shatters clarity of vision into shreds of no quantum from nowhere. albeit,
stillness is least mean of right way for dynamics to act on vector of synthesis encompassing light of love, peace and togetherness for unity by distinctive implicit of rigid instinct.
go to go- is precisive perspective to engross upon resolution to grasp complex pattern for dissolution
as law of evolution promises descend with modification ,discreet and diversified.
yet nothing is nowhere to pledge into emptiness of world of being empowered of all possibilities.
yet storm may come to devolve into entropy unwanted
fire may burn all new and old into rubbles to fly away into oblivion as witless entity of foregone history as prologue of humanity in class room of creation.
time is the crux of syndrome to work out sum of mathematics wrought in broken interface of abacus.
yet mellow breeze empowers shy of silence to levitate towards bourne of solstice to resolve into arc of bliss for earth to revolve spree around sun.
Grandeur of grace
resolves clarity of vision….
yet pristine to prologue exponent of symmetry in equilibrium,
for rhythm of love
as circumspection inevitable defrays expense of legacy.
at times I am the witless tide unconscious, stubborn
to bounce into spring of love
for wave to gravitate into crest of creation to weave mankind,
for glory to blaze in hued whites of moon.
Into gleams of your cadence
let me dive into lap of currency enormous
to sip poison from blossom of humanity
to grasp light of joy
for grandeur of your spark
to enlighten into awakening.
I am neither source to resource brims of beauty alone
nor the limitless pattern of profundity to epilogue
yet a spur of moments to beacon blaze into shadow unlet beneath.
Enlightenment of expansion into time and space
deleverance into labyrinth core of creation
to osmose vibes of soul in quest of voyage eternal.
an ornate trajectory of
voice to drops of silence
to assimilate into convergence through orison
a preponderance to grasp
legacy of soul.
an orbital oscillation
into aura of centrifugal point of divinity
merging to verge upon.
for consciousness of matrix levered to lid off solaced pail of bourne! salubrious composite,
of love light and blessings gs..
@dr.subhendu Kar.

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