My Geometrical Poetry / Poem by Jenayah Hela Tekali

Poem by Jenayah Hela Tekali
My Geometrical Poetry
I am the Sacred Geometry of Da Vinci
I reincarnate the Mona Lisa in my poetry
I combine both the left and the right brain
I am the Greek art resistant to blemish or stain.
My incredible art inspired the Muse of Rome
They painted me in their glorious Colosseum and Holy Dome
They designed my body in a perfect form
Using the phi-ratio in a much transcendental norm.
Sometimes I appear as a square or a cube
The original cells that surround the centre of my body are bigger than a tube
Spherical is the vision of my sacred divinity
Rotating around my body to my cosmic poetry.
I am designed from the top of the head to my fingertip
A Greek statue arousing your desire from my femininity to the corner of your lip
I am the dragonfly measured from the length of my leg to the width of my wing
My phi – ratio is found everywhere whenever you move your eye in a wink ,or a cling!
I am the Flower of life, this Sacred geometry
The phi -ratio designing my philosophical poetry
I build the structure from small pieces to the whole
Embodying the maths of your proportional soul.
Jenayah Hela Tekali
Copyriģht 30/ 06/20

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