Poems by Miradije Ramiqi

Poems by Miradije Ramiqi
The First Event
Burning In Flames
A map of my blood
Compiled with pains
Wrinkled face through theTime
Your portrait (dis)appeared in centuries
Freedom My pure craving
Burnt color in painting
While melting in flames
My soul in eternity
In expectation
With a broken whispering
The Second Event
While passing a voice sounds in the distance
The looks cross in the mirror
The delayed regret
In the stripped canvas
The colors sweeten
In the search the sorrow vanishes
While the pain is still going on
On the crossroads of time Night
The memories (dis)appear
In expectation
In the paved road with colors
TheThird Event
A Call
A kiss would quench my
Waiting my burnt lips
Will blow up
Gone passion in colors
My body longing
Will melt
The burnt abandoned by time
My Love the portrait of pain
I keep jealously
The urn of wrinkles of my face
In my artistic frame
I call you one more time
When everybody is dreaming of tomorrow
We close in centuries
Artistically in thirst

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