To what Extent / Poem by Narsing Bongu Rao

Poem by Narsing Bongu Rao
To what Extent
How can I wake up…
when I cannot sleep,
when everything is confusing,
what day, what night,
when what I do and what I don’t
is all a problem,
and time just drags on
like a goat dragged along the ground.
Life has changed,
in every street,
for, we have all enjoyed enough,
the gifts showered by Nature.
The tragedy is,
we all wish to be supreme,
even greater than Nature,
a game we can never win,
as, a few of the victories,
are followed by a series of failures,
never to be digested;
a duel between man and man,
or man and Nature,
is on day after day,
even when, where we came from,
and where we shall end at,
is still a mystery.
The power of human
has never been denied,
but what is it,
in this vast unending universe,
his feet on this land,
and a dream to win the entire cosmos,
can never be the end of the story,
as these restless men,
have destroyed their own domain.
There is still a chance,
to understand each other,
with compassion,
and follow what Nature wants from us
as, after the end of every dark night,
the Sun never fails to show up,
and after every such lose,
we shall never fail to rise
much stronger to win.

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