Poems by Hasmukh Amathalal

Poems by Hasmukh Amathalal
The smile on the face
the smile is a secret weapon
it can be silently used for the destruction
bring in somebody to the fold
and cause sufferings untold
a smile is a healing tool
it can be understood by a layman or fool even
whether a smile has a secret message
and how to be coped and managed
the smile has best-hidden quality
and that is dangerous for humanity
innocent people fall as easy prey
and give the easy way
a smile can win the world
it shows that the soul is never sold
but it can be used for peace message
and works as a healing medium with an application of the bandage
if people can be won by a crooked smile
just try and file your reply
you will remain as a hated person in the long run
and people shall be making fun
a smile has got its own perception
it must be used for strengthening the relation
a smile emanates from the divine soul
and that is what we need a smiling call
So many questions and
So many questions remain unanswered
As no correct explanation can be offered
It is silently uttered
But can’t be lead to the conclusion
Many question about the futility of life?
And its nature of having torn strife
Who can tell that this is life’s nature?
As it has swings for our future
Why we are on this beautiful earth?
And then taken away by death
Who can satisfy this argument?
When presented in question form!
Why stars hang in the sky and so many things?
The arguments can bring
Only bitterness along with
Simple arrogance
Some of the questions must remain unanswered
As no satisfactory, the explanation can be offered
It has universal acceptance
And one should avoid it at once
Life – problems
Life and problems
we all have resolve to tackle them
there lies uncertainty
still life has its own beauty
life may show some difficulty
some may face poverty
some may pass under misery
yet it has time to provide good journey
not all people take birth with silver spoon
some people have to work under hot sun
still life has smiled on all
it has provided hope and favorable call
life shall go on
but some respect has to be shown
life may not smile on you
but it may provide good angle to view
life is all about tolerance
and patience
feel no tense
but accept the verdict or sentence
I am a follower
I am a follower of God and disciple
I have fear of the divine power so remain disciplined
never go against moral rules
and never try to cheat some or make a fool
life has taught me many lessons
and favored to with reasons
I think it is divine grace
that I feel smile always on the face
no disgraces falls
or calls for a reprieve
it is all about the blessings
showered on human beings
Whether right or wrong
I take it not for a song
it is a very serious matter
and I always try to adhere to
life has been given as a reward
for the good work done in a previous life
it is a general belief
and such thoughts give me permanent relief
if I feel as powerless
and can’t face
the cruel world
I always seek blessing and pray the Lord
Long way to go
We have come a long way
But gone away
From the reality and truth
Still, people are asking proof
Nothing has changed
For body and soul since ages
We talk about moral
And a high standard for all individuals
We are easily tempted
And equated
With the hopeless entity
Yes talk about and take care of humanity
We have conquered nothing
But lost something
Precious and priceless
The Beautiful smile on the face
Let us not talk much about principles
Let us leave it to the individuals
Who will think wisely and act!
By keeping everything in mind with facts.

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