Poems by Sabrina Young

Poems by Sabrina Young



If I show you the inner me would you still love me
would you cry in the dark and my hand you would hold
and sew my soul with blood from my heart gushing through the holes
could you trust the true me the mold I was meant to be
and accept that I can only be me and not who you dreamt I would be
could you carress my scars as if they weren’t there and cherish my flaws, could you love me , would you dare to dive in depths unknown to save me from drowning in the darkness that surrounds me
would you shine your light and guide me , when I am lost would you find me
could you teach me to dance and lead the way into the night, two steppin to the morning light
Could you love someone like me a heart of fragility that I wear proudly on my sleeve, if you could swallow my tears and make me believe , I would lower my walls and let you in , but I need some sort of sign , a smile or maybe a sideways grin …. something to signal my soul , anything that separates you from all of them.


Waters Rush

The coolness of the

Water flows

Over my feet ….

A chill
Climbs my spine ….

Waves crash




Escape as the wind

Pushes negativity

From my



what All the




A need it is

To cast

Our minds to the Tide ….

Sinking not

For the find

But ….

To dive deep

In the heart


Leave the

Hate behind

Sabrina Young © 2020


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