I BROWSE (my literary work) / Poem by Tyran Prizren Spahiu

Poem by Tyran Prizren Spahiu


-my literary work-

With the rich knowledgeable power,
pleasure, delicacy, written word,
verses that stuck in full flavor.
Times are attractive, although difficult ones,
poetry shakes human being,
emptiness in the eagerness of the day,
defeats intrigue, lust, sinful benefits.
Blackness, sorrow are enliven,
spiritual state of mind is worried,
Ice flow in the blood vessels,
verses again and again regain.
Much care, love and sweat,
Interwoven are into English grammar”Learn the Dream Language”
closely associated with volume ”Events ” -1999+ ”
melt into the poems collection “Life Is Gift”.
Enjoying quietness
volume ” Poetry Springs From the Interior Voice”,
on the shelf stands proudly,
eyes are blinded by the collections “Five Pillars”.
Drunks me Poems ” Cobblestone ” & ” Source of Biography ”
I do feel as bee enjoying nectar,
knight is ruling in the arena,
poems ” The Castle of Poetry ” is challenging times!
Collection “Icon”, queen in the literature dynasty,
is the Olympus of poetry, flavor which drunks,
being arrested for a long time
as Critic-Vasil Tabaku said, “This temple is of Unique Value.”
Today, not only today dear poet, letter lover,
will find venue even tomorrow in the golden bookstore,
novel ” Never Back Again ”! Moves societies
gets deep into the past, enjoying future.
Do not look at me as I am a sinner!
Newcomer who adorns the non-virgin nature,
you, my friend, that steadfast respect deserve,
do remember volume “The Bohemian” in two world languages.
Poetry book “League” invites you to a duel,
pursued by the lyrical “E-day” that jealously shelters verses,
in this miracle, letters dance
illuminates the writer, follows ”The Knight, than ”Tower of Poetry”
In English is followed ”The Bohemian”, second collection
ah, gorgeous verses, narcotics
sensitivity of the soul is enriches with special love.
Strong man tracks, stabs, brings the end,
attacks innocent Gertrude,
read in a single breath, Novel ”MORT”,
you will accuse me, or praise,
I, I was the one who got into Ibi’s skin,
lived with him, connected days, times, emotions, in front of my eyes he suffers,
poor boy of the raped East.
Novel ”SILHOUETTE”, meets West and East,
accounts are locked, innocents are victimized,
Ammar is between two fires,
meantime finds the second part, the lady, body pleasure,
Hanna’s love revives feelings,
tends to disappear from security radars, but in vain,
the crossroads of life severely condemns them.


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