I CAN’T BREATH / Poem by Maria Miraglia

Poem by Maria Miraglia



They look at me
As if I were nothing
Tug me
Arrogant in their uniforms
Pounce against me
Like dogs whose
Leashes have been removed
One of them writhes my arm
I don’t resist
Other times it happened
But I feel now
That the worst is in the air
I can only say and
In a slow voice
I can’t breath
But with his face
So close to mine
He pretends not to hear
His eyes don’t change expression
Taken as he is
By the effort to press on my neck

His cronies are there looking
They talk
Sometimes laugh
Who knows how many scenes
Like this
Have seen them as witnesses
I look at the white man
On me
While the sight slowly fogs up
And turns off

But not far away
I still can see that face
He loosens his hold
Light and painless
I look at my lifeless body
And I say
I was a black man

@ Maria Miraglia

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