I am waiting… / Poem by Hana Shishiny

Poem by Hana Shishiny


I am waiting…

I am waiting, I don’t know what
Life is scrolling sinfully outside
How many sunrises, how many falls
Of light and dark with hopes of all kind…

Yesterday, the moon was fully bright
Sands, of the desert, happily alert
Groping each other, in a waving sight
Closely impact, as if fearing to be apart…

Waiting behind my glass, don’t know what
Summer lights inflaming sky and ground
Watching flowers shivering in delight Seasons, succeeding in silent bounds….

In Garden of life.. Autumnal winds
Blowing with epidemic,
Leaves and trees…
Loved ones, falling in solely ends
Broken hearts, weaping
Alone, waiting to be free…


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