Poems by Hasmukh Amathalal

Poems by Hasmukh Amathalal
No guilt feeling
Are you ever fired upon by the office head?
for not complying orders and fail to read
the instructions in its true intent
the firing in strict words is sent
it makes one very much sad
the person is talked about the bad lad
who works not in true spirit!
but sticks to personal whims
one should lend the ears
and keep fears
in mind about future promotions
and sometimes admonitions
when work is called worship
one becomes bound for delivering good
if you fail in this
the warning shall be reflected in reports
one feels not guilty
as it is pointed to his honesty
whereas it is his integrity
that has stood the taste already
Invisible enemy – Corona
An enemy has remained invisible
but causing anxiety, worry laden with troubles
people are dying in large numbers
never to return here again
Corona has played havoc all over
the entire world has witnessed it here
in a few days, people are no more
you are making entire human being to feel sore
the presence is really felt
its cruelty and the impact is still to be dealt with
no medicine is still available
life proves to be a temporary bubble
no origin can be traced
and the threat has to be faced
some say it is spread due to mass communication
some say it is spread through the air in circulation
one fact has emerged
easy victims are aged people
they have no immune system to resist
as such, their casualty is first.
Test of wine
Success is not in getting access
but in facing the bad phase
and raise head
to be well-read in crisis
you get success
and express
it with a smile on the face
that leave behind light’s trace
success is such a taste of wine
that you shall always feel fine
with lot many things at disposal
for any individual
success makes you sometimes blind
and you shall always find
the company o big people
who shall take your proper care and create troubles
success and failure
one makes it very much sure
and other lures
to go blind for sure.

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