Pien Storm (Netherlands)

Pien Storm (Netherlands)


Pien Storm van Leeuwen (Bennebroek, January 4, 1945) is a Dutch visual artist and poet.
Drawing, painting and writing were her passion from an early age. She developed self-taught into a visual artist and poet and has her studio in Chaam. As a painter, she combines various techniques and calls her works ‘pictorial’. She also makes iron sculptures. As a poet, she published several volumes and contributed to anthologies. She performs regularly and gives poetry workshops to adults and children. In 2000 she introduced the word and concept for the poosplaatsen project, an art project that connects the landscape with the way people relate to that landscape. She places poems, chiseled in stone and inspired by the place itself, in carefully selected locations in the field. Four publications with poetry, photos and its cultural-historical explanation. She has placed a hundred petrified stanzas along roads and water in North Brabant and the Province of Antwerp.
She also organized numerous art and poetry routes, including as part of the Treasures of Brabant, a program of the province of North Brabant, to interest young and old in the meaning of art, culture and cultural history. As chairman of an interest group for artists and of the Trajart Foundation, she was involved in the creation of art events and exhibitions. In her cultural activities she collaborates with a large number of visual artists and poets. A number of art cards of her work were commissioned by government and companies.
Pien Storm van Leeuwen was nominated for the Anton van Dunkirk Prize in 2003, in 2005
She was on the longlist for the Writers Prize of Brabant Literature and in that year she was also nominated for the role of city poet of Breda. In 2010 she won the Brabant Bokaal 2010 from the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Noord-Brabant. In 2012 her Inauguration took place as ‘Lady of Breda’ by the Delicious Order of Breda. On April 26, 2017, she was appointed a Knight of the Order of Orange Nassau.
(Source: Wikipedia)


Celebrate together,
secured in connection

How we share life
space, earth
find each other in interaction
the other nearby
the other who is different
but also recognizably the same.
that heartfelt word of value
in which we were born and
should be secured

that heartfelt word of value
challenging us and taking us to
balance in going together
balancing around freedom.
We meet in warmth
love and friendship,
sometimes also in pain and difficult navigating
when it pinches and chafes
in disapproval, aversion and worse.
Freedom is not a boundless field
that only the few apply.
If we mention peace and freedom
in one breath
there is room
to be ourselves
and we also want these
for others
we make agreements together
secured in connection.
In the ordering light
of reason and law
freedom feeds peace
and peace freedom,
we let lead ourselves by
mutual respect
in the light of
looking after the other.

From: Hand in Hand, Demer Uitgeverij (2021)


Samen vieren,
geborgen in verbondenheid

Hoe wij het leven delen
de ruimte, de aarde
elkaar vinden in samenspel
de ander nabij

de ander die anders is
maar ook herkenbaar hetzelfde.

dat innig woord van waarde
waarbinnen wij geboren en
geborgen zouden moeten zijn

dat innig woord van waarde
dat ons uitdaagt en voert naar
evenwicht in gezamenlijk gaan

balancerend rond vrijheid.

Ontmoeten doen we in warmte
liefde en vriendschap,
maar soms ook in pijn en lastig laveren
als het wringt en schuurt
in afkeuring, afkeer en erger.

Vrijheid betreft geen grenzeloos veld
dat slechts de enkeling geldt.

Als we vrede en vrijheid in
één adem noemen
is er ruimte
om onszelf te zijn
maar gunnen we deze ook
aan de ander

maken we afspraken samen
geborgen in verbondenheid.

In het ordenend licht
van rede en recht
voedt vrijheid de vrede
en vrede de vrijheid,

laten wij ons leiden door
wederzijds respect
in het licht van
omzien naar de ander.

Pien Storm van Leeuwen
uit: Hand in Hand, Demer Uitgeverij (2021)


Translation Dutch into English: Hannie Rouweler

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