Just Look At Me! (The Forest Speaks) / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
Just Look At Me!
(The Forest Speaks)
Just look at me !
Suffused with bounteous plenty
Adorned with surfeit of the primordial life force
Breathing oxygen into the lungs of the universe
My green arms lifting up to the skies in Dua
(prayer )
Letting my leaves fall softly with an ennui born of autumnal lassitude
Just look at me !
I am the Amazonian jungle replete with flora n fauna
Orchids exquisite entwined with Heliconia and passion fruit flower
Rubber trees gazing down at giant water lilies
I smile beatifically at the bromeliads nodding at artistic Rattan palms
Just look at me !
Anacondas coil around my swamps , marshes and streams
Howler monkeys , jaguars , poison dart frog ,sloth , scarlet makaws and toucan love my heaving pulse
Agouti , gorillas , leopards ,elephants live off me
Just look at me !
I am also the Himalayan woods
Fed with gushing snow- fed rivers ,fattened with the monsoons
The base of the majestic mountains verdant with broad leaf trees and home to birds galore , tigers and asiatic lions
Higher you climb moss , lichen and ferns cling to rocks and trees
Beneath the lush canopy of maple and oak
Pine , fir , spruce , hemlock scenting the breeze
Keeping the golden langurs safe with the red pandas , musk deer and takins
Just look at me !
Alpine meadows blushing with rhododendrons giving way to montane grass protecting pikas,snow leopards and Himalayan tahrs ,black n brown bears walk through my paths
Red fox , blue sheep flying squirrels make friends with me
Just look at me !
My meadows perfume the skies with rare flowers carpeting the earth besides Daisies , poppies. Anemones , Primulas
Zinnias , geranium , petunias,marigolds and blue monkshood brightening the valleys
Just look at me !
Flirting with the lime butterfly , yellow swallowtail , blue Apollo , Mormon and spangle
Besides the Himalayan Monal pheasant , I let the Himalayan vulture nest in my heart along with woodpeckers , barbets , snow pigeons and spotted doves
I play hide and seek with lammergeier , sparrow hawk and snow partridge .
Just look at me !
Look closely now as my limbs are being amputated
Vivisection of my throbbing lungs pants for help as I am being slowly murdered
I who store carbon in my leaves , roots , trunks and soil
I who am home to three hundred million people and give livelihood to so many
I who provide lumber for firewood , furniture , and give resins , medicines,food
Just look at me !
I who am habitat for rare and endangered mammals like Orangutan in isolated rain forest patches
I who let insects and worms recycle nutrients through the soil
I who protect flooding with my mighty girth
I who save you from deforestation and soil erosion
I who can affect regional climates and rainfall patterns
I who can be an effective wind barrier
Just look at me !
And please let me be
Don’t uproot your earth
Instead help me be !
For I may simply swallow you up
And then there will be
No you and no me !
Copyright Lily Swarn 5.4.2018

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