Poems by Mahmoud Said Kawash

Poems by Mahmoud Said Kawash
He has known her as a gentle breeze with her delicacy and sweetness
And as a transient and romantic dream with her compassion and magnificence
The rainbow hides when she appears with her smiling face
The poets’ and writers’ talent and inspiration flow with the sparkle of her look
Sorrow and misery turn into joy and happiness with the warmth of her whisper.
Despair and despondency turn into hope and optimism when people accompany her
That was how he knew her!!
He knew her as she did not know herself
And as no one else knew her
Yes, so he knew her!!
He knew her as he did not know anyone else
Perhaps, as he will not know a similar or alternative
Amongst all the women, in all places and times
That was how he knew her!!
He knew her because he lived with her
Just as the parents, sisters and brothers did not
Just as uncles and aunts did not
He knew her more than the most faithful and loyal relatives and friends
Yes, so he knew her!!
He loved her with his mind and heart
With bold and blatant feelings
He accepted her with her simplicity, slips of her tongue and innocent mistakes
Since she knew him, she did not suffer from repression or deprivation
With him she felt reassurance, security and safety
Yes, so he loved her!!
She did not know the meaning of life as she did with him
And did not taste contentment and love as she did with him
She said goodbye to innocence while she was in his arms
She did that when Allah gave her the permission to do so
That was how he knew her!!
She loved him with her instinct, her chastity, and her spontaneity
With her weakness and strength
She loved him according to her method, nature and temper
She loved him according to the firm wisdom and strict traditions
She loved him in a gentle, sweet, dreamy and romantic way
That was how she loved him!!
She was a half-sane, realistic, and a wandering half-fictional
Half wise, quiet, crazy and revolting
Half civilized and half bedouin
Half submissive maid and half modern princess
Half innocent child and half genius woman
That’s who she was!!
She was known by her love to literature, culture, knowledge and science
She was known by her good speech, social and public relation
She made him swing between this world and the “hereafter”
Between the glow of the mind and the rebellious passion
Between the super consciousness and the extreme madness
That’s how she was known!!
She knew how to forgive all his mistakes and slips
And calm all his nervousness and tension
And reduce his impulsion and recklessness
She knew how to make him an extraordinary and distinguished husband
She transformed him from a rebellious man to a spontaneous romantic poet.
She transformed him from an arrogant man to a sane and submissive child
It was not difficult for her to make him diplomatic and flexible
Because she was honest and capable, in a time where feelings turned into goods for sale and purchase
This is how she knew him and thus turned him into AN EXCEPTIONAL MAN!!
Yes!! Because she is AN EXCEPTIONAL WOMAN!!
Really, she is a woman!!
What a woman!!
Torture me,
I’m a giant, grimacing with the dawn
I’m a hurricane, smashing tyranny at its doorsteps
Oppression fears me and panic stutters
Anger flows and rumbles through my handcuffs
That’s my land, where people suffer and complain
That’s my water, which turns into poison and gall
The peaks of Mirun call out: awareness is smiling
I love you and yearn to liberate my homeland
I love you and I only love my freedom
Torture me,
I’m a revolutionist, I sing my revolution
Torture me,
Burn the structure of my old fathers
Turn their glories into funerals for young orphans
Fill the land with misery, moans and tents
Seek help from neighbours, who embraced humiliation and slept
Worship dollars however and whenever you desire
I refuse the ingenuine “peace” they offer me
As long as my rights are thrown on the shelves of the UN
The call of return sends loud echoes all around
I love you and I only love my freedom
Torture me,
I’m a revolutionist, I sing my revolution
Note: Mirun is a village in the Upper Galilee of Palestine.

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