Flickering Flames / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
Flickering Flames
Enlightened , purged , floating above torturous life
Let us worm our way into your lotus heart
And wash away the grime and filth of sins
Let us offer ourselves in all humility
To the universe and its boundless mysteries
O Lord of Creation , have mercy on your vain humanity
No atom flutters without your knowledge
No flame flickers without your consent
We drift on life’s fathomless ocean
Like rudderless rafts that have lost their way
O pick us up from vanquished vales
O give us showers of your merciful rain
O let us weep with repentant tears
O lift us up from grieving caves
O Great Leveller of the world !
May we exist in muddy water
With purity like a resplendent lotus
Zen wisdom , faith in ourselves
Lotus Sutra redefined in pandemic suffering hells
A white lotus purified of all poisons
Excruciating pain diminished
With remorse in our hearts
Copyright Lily Swarn 16.4.2020

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