Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar
Eyes into love of quantum embedded to resurrect hush of ecstasy for path of walk scintillate to redefine art of creatlion.
pristine parole of joy to craddle in lap of gravity
inviolable vibes of beauty to empower soul of dawn as by the sun to sustain walk across mighty radiation of light
luminescence elates to resolve serendipity.
impeccable art of blaze to expand into universe to reeve into unity of mankind for alchemy of bondage
Cascade of flows to rebuff and rebound into vector quantum reletive to regale and leap up like tide in ocean of love.
vision fluxes to clarity to embrace cosmic blue to gather into soul
as time runs on its highway to eternity to transcend passage of creation to bough into assonance within and beyond.
like blossom to bloom in sunshine beneath green meadow of mango grove.
currency is love of legacy revered to empower rhythm ever and ever after.
Do not gaze paternal
who am I .
I am the change
like unflinching shadow of moment
to grapple space of silent shore to pique up clarity of vsion
beyond time.. unobtrusive
cyclic to acyclic
yet innocence of ingenuity to remember nothing but limpering memoirs..
neither I see them sing
nor dance to dive into hingeless halo of
sovereignty to accord nuance of colors to weigh heavily in their heart to act on.
dead hills are here and there staggering like pits of lurid time with soliloquy of lost breath of yester years
Of audacity, stubbornness of time
Caravan of cloud sails through blue sky to clamber into serendipity of obscured vector,
like shambling shadow belies clarity into eyes of foregone mirror in nightcap.
belief of emotion may be limber to wrong.
neither moon to gravitate into crown of whitest lily
nor the North star in darkest night to beacon into milky way for wayfarer of lost glory shining in own shore to tide upon emptiness of sky,
for blue to embrace into soul of eternity.
as blue of cosmos may hide to reveal arc of attraction.
it is the spark to entice lost hope to resurrect into shore of illusion like a berg to dissolve into point of ontogeny once again.
as we are dipped in power of love.
Onto curve of facets revered to reverie,
crave fluxes to brim
like full moon into night
yet like a lovely blossom of red rose
to draw into proximity yet far alone..
as kisses of love rolls unto gravity
to embrace into spring of art ..
wounds of ecstasy resonates to rise into curve of 🌵
as joy supples to hold on onto unison to unify sparks of gravity in redolence of spree of myth,
from crest of tide brims of blue cascade to ramp upon void of blue
sun rises in east to empower grace of green
like kingdom to adore with gems beaded crown of conquest.
moon otherside stand and stare on bessorted crave when breath seizes hold of tomorrow
moment intimate calls to recall very glory of art written over silent shore of sky to embrace prism of rainbow.
@dr.subhendu kar.

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