Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak (Poland)

Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak (Poland)
Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak is a Pole since 2004 live in the UK. She published seven volumes of poetry; four in Polish and three in English.
She also writes prose and released a novel and a few short story collections.
Her work may be found in numerous worldwide anthologies and magazines.
Winner of many poetry competitions. Proud holder of many diplomas, awards, and distinctions.
She is also a translator to fellow poets, translates from and into English.
Her poetry was translated into 20 languages.
It might be the last lesson
just yesterday they believed it would be okay
they fought for every breath, for every sip of life
today rows of only empty chairs remind of them,
the cat mewing in the armchair and dog in tears
loved ones should be close, but they were so far away
there was no one to hold their hands and tightly hug
now they lay lonely in rows of nameless coffins
in the middle of nowhere waiting for the grave
where did it all start and how it happened, who knows?
they say in China but are they really sure?
if there would not be the pursuit of money and power
there would not be so many hungry people in the world
there is enough money for bombs and space rockets
the food drowns in the sea by some madmen creatures
and their sick visions instead of feeding the hungry
although tomorrow, our world may cease to exist
it is still not too late to shake off the madness
to learn from this cruel and maybe last warning
first of all, people must be treated equally
the rest will slowly follow when you open your heart
So tiny but so powerful
Our Mother Earth for a long, long time
shows many signs to the humans
that it is time to come to our senses.
Floods, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions,
earthquakes, famine, drought, and war.
But people, as usual, are still playing with life
not caring for others; only for themselves.
They still make money; more and more.
forgetting, that man has only one life.
Father Creator, who could stand it any longer,
and came up with a solution to prevent the world.
Somewhere in China, through a keyhole
He released a tiny particle of the virus to the world.
A tiny particle of a virus, of great strength,
in a few days it conquered the whole wide world.
So small you won’t see with the naked eye
It looks into people’s eyes and causes great fear.
Thousands die in homes and in hospitals
lonely and far away from their loved ones
We see long rows of coffins on TV screens.
Doctors and nurses are among the victims.
It doesn’t matter whether rich or poor
It has taken a big harvest among the people.
Will warning help humans to come to their senses?
We will see very shortly unless we all die…
life hurts …
someone strapped your dreams so high up
eyes are tired but can’t sleep at all
a swarm of black thoughts penetrates the head
everything around is stripped of color
sometimes life hurts so much
you signed the contract for life imprisonment
don’t matter it hurts you have to go-ahead
although your knees are heavily scratched
from constant falling and eternal disappointments
stand up and go no matter if it hurts
reduced-fare only for selected ones
hump and grey hair are within reach
love and respect stand up so high
for us, working-class are only sweat droplets
life hurts but is so sweet though
each of us has one life assigned
in dreams, in pink and grey daily life
some people can live a long-life
others look old when they are still young
sometimes life hurts so much
The waiting room of life
I am stuck in the waiting room of life
And I still hear only these words:
“tomorrow, just wait a little bit more,
I am very sorry”
Days go by, and I’m still waiting
Time, however, won’t wait at all
Already next autumn returns
Another winter is gone.
I am waiting
I can’t breathe
I’m dying waiting
You promised to love me, darling
Of what are you afraid so much?
I can’t understand it at all.
Now my hair changes into silver,
And my health fails me
I long to get out of the waiting room
I want to go for a long walk
And enjoy birds twitter again
So, love me or go away,
I won’t wait for another single day.
I am whispered from your dream
I got lost with you my beloved
like a water nymph in a forest glade
dancing with an elf, barefoot on the grass
listening to cicadas playing sounds
your eyes were shining like the moon
my hair shone in their glow
whispered from your dream
I fell in love with you at dawn
the fog rose slightly above the grass
a ray of sun shot through the tree crowns
the fairy tale, I ask or a dream or delusion,
whether love caused these spells
I feel so light and carefree
like a swallow loudly praises spring
vibrating, greedy and playful,
hungry of you and an endless dance
© Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak

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