From Dust to Dust / Poem by Sunita Paul

Poem by Sunita Paul
From Dust to Dust
From dust you rise, to dust you shall go
What remains is how you have made life glow
In in this fast running race
Where you are always busy to keep your pace
Just pause and stop a while
Look around you and smile
Appreciate and admire God gifted nature
Be a little more benevolent to all living creatures
In this difficult phase of life
When it’s tough to face the CoVid 19 strife
Why not unleash all your hidden creativity
Instead of becoming an object of pity
Life comes with an expiry date
Better be sorry than to be late
Connect with your near and dear ones
Time is running out, why lose out all the fun
Take a break and set your spirits high
Cheer up and fly into your fantasy sky
Do all that pleases your soul
Till you reach your eternal goal
For dust you are and dust you will become one day
It’s only our deeds which will forever stay

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