My Dream Girl! / Poem by Devendra KC

Poem by Devendra KC
My Dream Girl!
In a summer day afternoon
I saw an image
I made a story
The image was beautiful
The story was meaningful
But I was scared
whether the image lasts for long
whether the story I imagined peoples would believe!
I was eager to meet that image
I was willing to have wings
but sorry
The image will disappear
The story remains the only story
Oh God, can you make me a bird?
I want to fly soon
I want to see the image by near
I want to feel the image for sure!
Is it a dream? NO!
By the time you were smiling on me
There was a wind
That wind disturbed my image
That wind blew my story
That wind pained me inside
Slowly the picture disappeared
You were only inside my heart,
It was just imagination
you were smiling
Inside the patches of cloud
The picture by nature
The imagination by human beings
brings this world near
truly like you
same eyes
same Long silky hairs
same lovely smile
you were my dream girl.
Can you come to my dream
Like you came inside cloud patches in the day time!
My dream girl!

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