Poems by Mohammad Mohi Uddin

Poems by Mohammad Mohi Uddin
My Luve
You suspect,
I have stepped my foots in
Seeing the scarlet of Caesalpinia-pulcherrima
I know,
There dwells flaming fire
Under the mask of crimson
You declare,
I have found the entire scent of Arabia
In other’s flowery arm,
Only I know,
With gradual melting,
I have become a dejected mournful river.
Evening and You
Evening spreads like a priest-
Only you extend as ice;
Midnight becomes the coverlet of meditation-
Solely your love melts incessantly.
How this Cold Fire is
Forest-fire takes rest at a time too
Howling wind of Summer also puts a full stop once
Even constant rain has a sense of discontinuation
Besides burning Sun sinks in tranquillity on time
How this cold fire is, in my heart
Flourishing with colourless and distinctness flame
Ignoring the classical grammar of Time
Fire is growing increasingly.
I had no knowledge about Revolution
Even I didn’t recognise at all
If it were a lesson of primary syllabus
I could surely memorize.
Is Revolution an Elemental Metal?
How True Table is proved in a laboratory.
I’ve known myself
I’ve learnt life
Spoiling the golden chapters!
Now, I am a rebel against myself
I am a rebel against ownself.

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