Poems by Hasije Selishta Kryeziu

Poems by Hasije Selishta Kryeziu


People without umbrellas

My blood
When it rained
People without umbrellas
Got wet


Under the skin
Of the rain
We will have no thirst



Last night I have translated
From Albanian language
To Albanian
I saw in my dream
Cyclopes and Apollo
As they were kissing
The knife’s blade
In front of me
I have seen myself

Have prayed
For me
The guarding angels
Stood by my side

They bestowed to me
A medallion of the soul
On one of the sides
I was photographed
With Eve

In the center we kept
The red apple
Duty free
On the other side
The ruined dreams of Rozafa


I have only one stone

The wave foams
In the torches
The time I move forward
At times I go back
I have only a stone in my hand

And yet something draws closer
Bigger than thirst
Bigger than life
Bigger than death
I have only one stone

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