Deepak Kumar Dey (India)

Deepak Kumar Dey (India)

Deepak Kumar Dey, a lover of nature and worshipper of poetry, is Hailing from a small village Bagdia of Angul district,odisha, Deepak is a trilingual poet. He has authored four poetry anthologies, ‘Inseminated Eyes, An Unopened Letter, A Ray of Light ‘, A King Without Kingdom.
He has been awarded as featured poet 2017 Pentasi B world poetry, Philippines ,Kabikanya award ,Yuvakabi award , Kabi shiromani and youth icon at Ekamra book fair Bhubaneswar 2018. His poems have been published nationally and internationally in 80 anthologies .
How brilliant she is ! Splendidly ultra-unique
How magically her love-river flows along!
Running side by side sweetly does speak ,
A heart constantly sings melodious song!.
Divinely she beholds an entitled hearty prize,
Performing an awesome regal celebration
O’yes “Love never dies “her heart hears my cries ,
Ecstatic bliss emancipates a standing ovation.
I do pray wholeheartedly all that we need
So we’ll give our best on the eatheral stage .
Our blithe-hearts bleed for spiritual feed
In righteous carriage we write on hearts’ page .
An angel has landed from His Kingdom ,
Getting her love I have an awesome vision .
◆An Architectural Painting ◆
Shines sun on an architectural picture!
Pocketful rhymes offers tender nature ;
Ablaze, star studded diaphanous gown,
How brightly glows her jewelled crown!!
Garland of flowers around neck to waist
Whistling air blankets the nectarine crest.
Shimmering breeze whispers galaxy within ,
Slowly ,foot by foot the dewy feet set in.
Cajol courts her brows as glorious bees
And exactitude deciphers dense beauties.
Curvy exposure spells a joyful discovery
Painting sculpture of evocative imagery .
Close attachment of concrete closeness-
Falls into depth and wild core romances.
The purpose of life of us will be orchestrated
On the visionary place of reality and clarity,
By stunning performances that’ll be settled-
On higher consciousness and unique vanity.
Through noble thought ,for you ,I will feed-
A mellifluous intermission,musical bridge ;
With the fragrance of future hope i’ll lead –
Around the epicenter of your soul ,I pledge .
Not in mythical verse or collections of past
But; through realism you’ll be red lady bug
By illumined painting , sculpting in your heart ,
Far away from weakening fear ,by hearty hug.
I will portray the light in your smartest heart
Stringing the string of greenish grass skirt.
Speechless I was, when you rendered me witless,
On the cold night’s sleep you made me weep.
Full-fledged nurturing episode met my untimely death, made me breathless,
I was wrenching, when thunderstorm bolt,
From out of the blue, suffused to grip me deep.
In a voice choked memento a crescendo popped up.
I was ruefully stranded among the wretched footprints,
while a burdensome dilemma was on its last legs to show up.
An emptiness filled my blind mindwith moping mistreatment.
Leaving me alone your signed footprint in the sands of time,
as if my funeral is marching to my grave. For a bivouac life I have to face the deadline,
While muffled drums are beating sounding brave.
In the world my life is to sink behind the hill,
Among grasping struggles I am defeated completely.
While the calmness and silence was prevailing last night,
The world was dreaming without any screem;
A few spoken words bristled with botched dead beat,
A little blunder carelessness summoned decadence onto the screen.
I seeked for congregation with your foregone eyes,
By the time there blew the alarming whistle of train ,
And I failed to way up those darkened skies,
Gravitated firm discussions dubiously passed away again.
Lamenting, fainting flow of tears caressed my untouched sorrow
Untold irseparable sticky words visibly cast on as plaintive mourn.
Giving back a knock of tornado‘s blow,
At a jolt, limpid glow in me was gone.
Silently tormented timidness turned to dust
By the stormy tempest, for lack of intermingled faith,
Buried in down nebulous hearted I was lost,
And zonked, gypsy body waited for call of death.
No solace, everything was cracked and descended dark,
Being a delirium, I was deliriously alone. The few possessions that I had, I did lack,
The heavy empty pain escalated me down broken.
Trepidations scrambled out showing evilsome trick
A cry of death convulsed counting far off dog’s bark.
Guilt of sacrilege awfully retributed to kick,
Hours of meditative posture was gone in the dark.
My feelings and thoughts were gone burn,
Like conflicting frozen air had blown off blast
When I heard from you, “I am gone”,
Handful clay from my folded hands was falling so fast.

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