Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur

Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur



Magical colours cast a spell whole day,
It rains like faith on every heart to stay.
Crimson sun at dawns,golden saffron dusks,
Orange-yellow sky,at night purple-black sucks.
The flowers splash vibrant colours of spring,
Green leaves when brown have freedom wings.
Women dress for lovers in enchanting colours,
Peacocks dancing in rain with open feathers.
Rainbow arched above after heavy showers,
Clouds displaying hues of gray in every weather.
Brown mountains roll towards green hills,
White brooks flow in blue rivers and streams.
Men of taste in sartorial shades of ceremony,
Precious gems and pearls,shining jewels many.
Colour is the fruit of life’s adventurous vibrations,
A deep mysterious language of dreams celebrations.
Light to dark transforming souls search,
Overcoming pains in blissful midas touch.
Beauty of the colours is like melody of a song,
The music of choir in which everyone can sing along.

Jyotirmaya Thakur©®March2017



The radiant sun awakens life,full of light,
Mother earth,nature nurtures in eternal might.
How joyously the sea-gulls,swans, sea-mew,
Lie dreaming on the serene lake waters blue.
The lilies of the valley perfume the morning gale
Winter has its warmth covers the earth with snow,
Daffodils spring in wild,cherry blossoms sing in hail,
The twig that was bare is flowering again in a flow.
Brown trees green and weeds in woods shooting low,
The apple trees hung with thickest fruits along the bough.
The glassy pear tree leaves and blooms brush,
Like a melody bird nest in a watered shoot with thrush.
Birds who build nests in tall trees to sing and mate,
The sea beds myriad flora-fauna protected by corals weight.
Rainbow shell and shelduck that paddle in halcyon sea,
Mountain caves with white doves and peacocks with hundred eyes.
The echoing timber beckons floating clouds to show,
Mercy and rinse the earth with soaking milky flow.
Every season in its woodland rides,
Dreamlands of nature nurtuing guides.

Jyotirmaya Thakur©®2017



On a moonlit, starless night,
Dreadful night, ethereal insight,
Shiny lady, scantily dressed,
Sitting alone sadly upset.
Cold winds blowing,branches creeking
Lonely moon downward ceeping.
Silvery trance, wintertime chart,
Waiting for a charm,spring in heart.

Watching the moon as she wonders,
When will her lover finally miss her.
Sticking to her place,gazes yonder,
As time lapses love gets fonder.
Singing a melancholy tune,
Sobbing of betrayal at the altar,
Faith in love still not falters.

Better alone than loveless life,
Jilted love, than neglected wife.
As she gazes yonder,hope thrives,
Loving soul, forgiveness revives.
Once radiance of love so bright,
Snatched away by lover’s slight.
She will grieve not,what’s left behind,
Yonder gaze, inward strength find.

Jyotirmaya Thakur©®2017


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