Down or Upstream Bugs / By Gerald Weeks

Down or Upstream Bugs


By Gerald Weeks

A leaf-boat with a beetle- bargee named gerry,
offered a downstream voyage to a bridge too far on his ferry.

Rants of about a dozen dirty ants began to beckon bargee beetle gerry on espying his ferry from the river bank- readily !

” Ahoy ! We must be taken to the bridge too far by gerry the beetle bargee, contrarily or- ordinarily !”

The beetle bargee-gerry took the dirty-dozen ants and a stowaway midge on his leaf-boat ferry to the bridge too far- begrudgingly !

The midge soon began to buzz the ants who again had more rants- cursingly !

Beetle-bargee named gerry demanded order from all on his ferry with authority !

The too far bridge was eventually, for the ranting ants and stowaway midge, near or in-proximity !

The ants disembarked from the now squidgy, leaf-boat, as the midgy on the prow did gloat-mockingly !

Two of the dirty dozen bees with dodgy knees, now grief-stricken with midgy’s tease , begged to go back upstream- expeditely !

The bargee gerry took pity and the two bees with dodgy knees, who re-boarded at the too far bridge, yet so did the sneaky midge en-route, but the ferry bargee’d by beetle gerry came about with difficulty !

Beatle bargee gerry strained to row the leaf-boat ferry into the flow, as the two bees with dodgy knees were buzzed again by the stowaway midge – persistently !

Alas, midgy swooped too low to splodge into one of the two bees with dodgy knees pollen-snow – embarassingly !

Beatle bargee gerry took opportunity to poke with oar the bees and midge (still not too far from the too far bridge) who swore and rocked the boat- alarmingly !

Overboard struggle ensued as one of the two bees with dodgy knees was still glued to the midgy cargo of damaged ego, as they splashed ashore- desperately !

Gerry bargee’s leaf- boat nearly sank as he headed for the nearest bank-frantically !

The bargee gerry quit on seeing a butterfly flit then flutter past his ferry, as he gasped exasperated to splutter-incoherently !

“Damn, midge !!”

Then ex- bargee gerry, who- now ‘off his ferry’, did espy a flightless-fly demanding a ferry, to-which, ex-bargee gerry, replied-expletively !

“Buzz-off !!!…wingless gnat !!!!”

“I can’t ” replied the flightless-fly. “I’ve got wet wings and, like the bees with dodgy knees, I’m pestered by midgies, flittin butterflies, ranted at by ants and insulted by a beetle-bargee !”

“Tell me about it”


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