Poems by Manthena Damodara Chary

Poems by Manthena Damodara Chary



Your cascading hair presents the starry sky
The wings of my imagination soar very high
Your gleaming face has streaming elegance
A glance at your face gives dreams a dance

You remain unrivalled as God’s masterpiece
For this Helen of Troy will never be at peace
Old portraits of ladies become many a piece
The seeds of envy sown grow weeds at pace

Your strikingly splendid smile wipes all tears
Your gorgeously gleeful grandeur allays fears
I thank the Infinite for keeping the world calm
Many wars fought for ladies created the storm

Angelic elegance is not meant for fighting wars
Wars broke out wounded us leaving us all scars
Your charm can give all of us a new lease of life
Nurturing all our lives in harmony without strife

Your rosy lips tasting the nectar of compassion
Blissfully blows secrets in my ears with passion
The warmth of heart keeps all my mind blowing
I gleefully find your calming charm ever glowing

@Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved



Your lustrous looks create poetry’s brooks
How do I grasp the language of your looks
You are consummately clad in bright white
Like an angel descended on the earth right

My eyes cherish a glimpse of your grandeur
Words can not seize your striking splendour
White roses in bloom radiate their fragrance
To adore you,an Angel of ecstatic elegance

Your sparkling smile seizes my imagination
My honest heart experiences eternal elation
Life in loveliness is all everlasting jubilation
Lofty love can make each day a celebration

I wonder how the Almighty made you unique
Mona Lisa grows pale for you are God’s pick
Your demeanour betters humans in the world
Ending all disparity with novel initiatives bold

What a piece of work you stay in this universe
Your gorgeous glance displays a dance diverse
How thrilling you put up such a splendid show
With beaming bliss kissing dreaming lips aglow

Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved



What a wonderful piece of art
Displaying the Almighty’s craft
You own all ecstatic elegance
Winning hearts with eminence

Man never changes divine draft
No artist can surpass Him in art
Mona Lisa was talk of yesterday
Mona Beena wins honours today

Flowers with blossoming smiles
Greet you with their near in piles
Wafting their felicitous fragrance
To feel tender touch of elegance

You are a peerless pearl in gleam
Your sheeny splendour in stream
Makes ecstasy elegant in access
It speaks of your certain success

Your history shrouded as mystery
Is unravelled to create rarest story
A pen works wonders in the world
A poet’s pen reveals stories untold

The sculptor divine carved a statue
Splendid it stays in grandeur anew
Striking statue in human form alive
You feast aesthetic eyes in all drive

You are God’s vision in all our vision
Your charm never makes a division
Keeping all in the world in harmony
Your smile drives away all acrimony

You are a live image of God’s brush
Painted phenomenally without hush
Human paintings never cause mirth
Exceeding all blissful beauty of birth

You should be a messenger of peace
Many wars fought tore all lives apiece
Let us subdue a storm with cute calm
Endearing lives with enormous charm


(Photo Courtesy::MRS.BEENA GHATE)

@Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved

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