Poems by Bam Dev Sharma

Poems by Bam Dev Sharma



Chilly wind blows
Tiny petals fall
Dry leaves flutter
The moon tried to hide

Behind the grooves
Insects scurry
Over meek leaves
And dew drops trickle
Hedgehogs hide
And rodents sneak.

The complacent sky
Opens compassionate arms
Squirrels and lizards
In serpentine joy.
Stalk over
Insistent lovers hide
In the dusky twilight
Lost into indulged love
Sighing in disgust.

In the pervasive net,
Hanging on the chestnut tree
An impatient spider
Waits his days
In ceaseless thread
For a culprit mess.

The world has its go
And life has its sway
From dawn to the twilight
In diurnal chores and ray.

But there is love and compassion
Ready to seep
Lets make our heart
Ready to reap!



I waltz
with mystic affections
they are mine
or whirlwind of the sky ?

I sense them
into my heart
dribbling shadows.
When glinting rays
pierce through
my dreams begin to melt.
and splash.

Then winding reminiscences
and jostle
like the ruffling wind
across grassy land
I cannot resist
but woo
for pensive doze
to fall
in slumber of love



In the early morning
I saw a poem
and enter my room
when I was silent.

Soon it entered
it tried to poke
and baffle
my manhood.

A bit annoyed
I tried to snare it
though it was fleeting
and elusive.

I tried to imprison it
into worldly whims
employing shackles of
perplexed metaphors
and chilling ironies.

Then I heard cry
in my pensive silence
like the serene and blue sky
caressing the stars
like dreams
and asking me
to liberate.

But soon it flew
as it did not like
to hear
all somber tales .

I saw it hover
as wanton as the wind
far away
deserting me
in the room
like a blanksheet.

This way
I lost a poem
which could have whispered
to muse and prick
my manhood!

Copyrights By
Bam Dev Sharma

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