His last words ,his dying breath ( for my son in heaven) / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
His last words ,his dying breath
( for my son in heaven)
It is rather unfair I know
That the last words you uttered ,i did not hear
Your dying breath never brushed my bewildered visage
Your father tells me your eyes looked imploringly at him through a haze of tears
Those speaking eyes that dimmed with excruciating pain
Saying “ah it hurts !”
But those were not your last words
That you must have whispered in your stoically thumping heart
Gasping with every rib tearing breath
to the azure skies that looked down in anticipation
Waiting to welcome you home my son
You stole away like a spring breeze
Riding on dense mists of perfume
The one you sprayed on yourself
as you strutted in front of every sundry mirror
Innocent dreams , gullible desires
Infectious enthusiasm brimming over
from the hearty volley of your robust laugh
What primordial hankering brought you on earth when you would have been frolicking with the butterflies in heaven ?
Did you leave behind some unuttered syllables
That are still loitering in the firmament waiting for their final appeasement
don’t you think your short span of life was just a stop over
like the ones folks make in Frankfurt and Amsterdam on way to their final destination
A lily of a day or a desert flower That blooms once in a lifetime
Born of my womb you rock with the divine Anhad Naad
You create music that ricochets on holy mounds
Where gods meditate in levitating hiss
Your impassioned songs are sung by fairies in gossamer gowns
Your solemn gentlemanly conduct
Emblazoned in the skies with your rollicking crazy humour
I know your words are stuck and imprisoned in your divine soul
Seeking salvation from the mystical cycle of endless agony
Rest my little one in the loving arms of the Creator
He knows the tiniest whisper that emerged out of your torturous pain
As you lay wriggling on that fateful day
Don’t fret for that thought that went unheard
by your mortal friends and relatives .
You spoke to my mother’s instinct in clear dulcet tones
I know you wait for me on the other side where no questions need to be asked
You carry a bouquet of my favourite exquisite flowers
There is so much you have to teach me child
Even the remote control of machines befuddles my brain
It’s all Greek and Latin to me since you went away
Let me reiterate that I hear the voice of yur soul
It’s powerful aura ensheathing me in whirligigs of joy
As I fondly slink away to memory lane
Hearing your wise words
Rippling out of your burnished brain
Don’t ask me again and again
What his last words were
Or was I there during his dying breath
For jasmines are intoxicating senses where he speaks now
His breath is the silvery moon beam that sails over the silent trees
His last words are scarlet rose buds
His dying breath misting window panes
in castes build amidst fleecy clouds
He lays in splendid repose
My son .
All rights reserved Lily Swarn
Lily Swarn

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