Poems by Pranju Gogoi

Poems by Pranju Gogoi
Life always a symbol of simplicity,
The shower of divinity,
Anytime when time full of cordial talk ,
Travelling altogether by cardinal walk.
Lively laughter shines life in harmony of love and peace heavenly,
Stress-free sleep at night,
Everyone else in great glee,
Mesmerizing melody of life always rings in heart.
Tension free life in real happiness,
Sweet aroma around the world in progress,
Beauty of heart and soul enlightens,
Feeling again and again to pass life in lively laughters.
Foe or friend, all are harmonized in loyal love,
Having an oath in mind to enjoy life in pure love,
In the holy garden of heart and soul,
Time is in grandeur look to nurture love and peace eradicating foul.
Day to day life when passed in glee heavenly,
Life always becomes a nightingale singing happily,
The evergreen boon to sound health and longevity,
The secret of divine happiness and ecstasy.
By Pranju Gogoi
All rights reserved
From birth to death the lifelong path of life,
Everyone else in great pleasure,
When time is peaceful in life,
All seasons shower love blissfully ever.
Moment by moment minds in the world of heaven,
Bliss blooms in the garden of Eden.
In the harmony of love and peace greater,
Really real world wakes up in warmth of Nature.
Only for some days all are here,
Lives are sandhuts on the shore,
To glorify mother earth the ultimate matter,
Making a universal world forever.
Unity in diversity,the best cultivation,
Learning and teaching all to sow seeds of peace and love,
Singing the song of love in unification,
To treasure fruits of peace for next generation with care and love.
Hearts and souls in peace and love heavenly,
Foul air transforms into fair air,
Giving birth something whimsical and natural flow blissfully,
Novel time comes to pass in ecstasy forever.
By Pranju Gogoi
All rights reserved
Feelings of loneliness since childhood,
Like a dancing girl always have been dancing in my wood,
As if I am an audience forever,
Watching patiently lovely dance of her.
In loneliness even I hear sweet melody so closely,
To rejuvenate life amidst pain and gain happily.
Flowers bloom in the garden of life,
Birds in great glee there enjoying life.
Travelling from here to there,
Mind of mine smiles in beauty of Nature,
Standing by life’s simple treasure,
Ballads and lyrics of life ever.
Life is as such a flowing river,
Witnessing both sides’ stories worse and better,
Singing and dancing lonely,
Wearing nature’s varied dress gorgeously.
Loneliness the best ornaments of my life to wear,
When awake or asleep no matter,
All the time my ornaments glitter,
Glorifying my world forever.
By Pranju Gogoi
All rights reserved

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