Poems by Syed Liaqath Peeran

Poems by Syed Liaqath Peeran
Waning Passions
Ah! Do you think I can have you
In my bosom, like I did
Ages ago in my prime
When my passions reigned
And I was head strong
And rash and I danced to your tunes.
Now there are wrinkles on my skin
And your beauty has waned.
Yet you nurture hopes
With twinkle in your eye
You wish I respond
To your dying passions.
O my love has flown away
To yonder unknown place
Where dead are celebrated
With sweet burning agar.
Tribute to Women
My birth, my existence, my suckling
My growth, my first smile, my first joy
My hugging, kissing, my first love
All came from my mother’s womb
From her breast, from her lap.
My first lisping of words, my crawling
My talk, my walk, all from my mom.
My best half lit candle of love in my bosom.
All my hopes, living, my rainbows
Centered around my mom, my best half
My lovely only daughter, my breath
My living is from them all forever.
I place my paeans, joys on their threshold.
O love sing songs of delight, make merry
In their company, in their living and joys.
Let heavens bliss and blessings be on them.
Holy Times
Spring Time is holy time.
Blooming in variety of flowers
For garden of bliss and peace.
It is good Friday, to remember deeply
The crucification of Holy Man
To purify the world of its sins.
Spring Time is holy time.
To celebrate the Easter
Holiness has regenerated
To spread in the Universe
Love, blessings and Grace.
Blooming Love
The orange setting Sun is dipping low.
Rainbows are slowly disappearing.
Birds are returning to nests.
The herds to their meadows.
The darkness is about to draw in.
My yearnings for my Beloved is increasing,
My throbs, my grieves are endless.
O Love! Show Your glimpse and face.
The faint flickering candle has popped out.
The dark nights diminishes my hopes.
My yearnings to mingle in You
has brought endless tears to shed.
Cold blowing winds cannot cool my heart.
My multiple love will bloom forever.
For taste of life
She is the spice of my life
I have to bear all,
The sorrows she pounds
On my hairless head.
She outstrips me and draws
Every moment of joys from me
Yet she bares my tantrums
But I need to surrender
My wallet, my choices
My freedom and my way
Of going along recklessly.
If I need to taste the honey
I need to bear the stings
A rose is accompanied by a thorn.
Caught between the contrast and the sublime
Between the pleasures of the self and remorse.
Between the devil and gentle God.
Between the broad heavenly vision
And low disgusting abyss.
My most unruly mischievous self
Revolts within when the blanket of Blessings
Covers my outer selfish self.
It refuses to be subdued,
Wishes to be an odd selfish man.
Projecting an ugly thumb
With a poking, sniffed up nose,
Wallowing on the pussy decaying wounds,
Which refuses to get healed.
Despite best of antibiotics and treatment.
I appeal to the Gracious Love Venus
To grant me Herculean strength
To subdue the ironic inner demon,
Who has spread its tentacles
Like a cancer to destroy my self
And suck every drop of my blood.
And destroy me forever and ever
Self Illumination
You refused to be dragged into a dialogue.
The light has refused to dawn on us,
Despite my best efforts to lit candles
Of love in the forlorn, dejected hearts.
Your assumptions about me, my persona
Is based on some deep rooted suspicion,
On hearsay, on your spite, anger;
Your were groping in the dark to make sense.
But O love! Deep compassion
Flows like milk, honey in underground waters;
Sublime, pure, uncorrupted, fresh
Springs should erupt and reach
The outer self and consciousness
To purify and enlighten the self.
Then the ‘Karuna’ exhibits itself.
Then the joys and ecstasy of life erupts.
Then the life becomes fulfilling.
Then the self illumination is complete.
Desert of life
What flows in this throbbing heart?
Where rings the bells of love.
Where the tongue wails in remembrance.
Where in my heart, a fervor.
Where in my soul, a passion.
Where in every cell a burning pain.
Where my body burns in love.
O Love! Your loyalty clings in my heart.
Your yearning is my goal.
My desire, to melt in You.
To lay down my life,
Evaporate like a vapor,
Melt like a sweet fragrance.
In this desert of life,
Let my tears of love be my gift to Thee.
I sought everywhere but found You in me.
Mere Illusion-Maya
This world is a prison for me.
Watching from my cell through my eye,
The brilliance and the mystery of the universe;
The colors of various hues, the vegetation;
The wonders and the unknown around me.
My tongue praises the cosmic harmony,
Grace surrounds me, splendor steals my heart.
When I have been captivated by Beauty,
Love raising unique feelings, passions;
When I am subdued, captured and enslaved;
When Angels guard me and surround me;
When Mercy and Benevolence has overwhelmed me;
Then where is Sin and where is seeking pardon?
Visions of paradise, perdition of abyss is mere illusion!
His Splendor
So many of His creatures
Are captivated, enslaved,
For our pleasure, our comfort.
If not for His will, how can it be?
We are also captured and ordered
To play the tunes of His choice;
For His pleasure, for His Mercy
For His Benevolence, for His kindness.
This cycle of life revolves continuously.
Why fret and fume? Why wail?
For a morsel of food, we strive.
The illusions and Maya gives pain,
Makes us march to the Unknown,
To open new vistas for splendor.
You and Me
O love! If I have been perfected
To be a mirror for Your image
For being loved and for love
Your Divine nature reflecting in me.
Then I need to polish the compunction,
The scum in my heart, beautify my face.
Adore my Self with perfumes, fragrances.
My inner mirror should be reflective,
Like a Moon to shine and glow.
My tongue should glorify You.
I am seized by the pain, the cure is You.
I am a slave, a servant, worthy of You.
You know Yourself, I now nothing.
Your blessings and Benevolence surrounds me.
River in Ocean
I heard One, I saw One, I reached One.
I heard the remembrance of the Real.
I saw the lamp of familiarity.
I heard the response of gentleness.
I saw the signet of friendship.
I reached the friendship of Beginningless.
I saw Him in my shinning heart
And I lost for Him.
Now I cannot say that it is I.
Nor can I say that it is He.
O world’s folk see in me the love of Him.
The radiance of Him glittering in me.
Separate not me with my lover.
The river has now merged in Ocean.

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