Poems by Saraswati Poswal

Poems by Saraswati Poswal
Thy feels shy dancing cuddling close to thou..
Wind blowing with love…
Fragrance and words floats like golden fish floating with cold water…
And butterflies flying in abundance..
Tales of love are shared with urge to merge in each others words..
Thy is singing and thou is listening from heart..
Their is musical lovely notes flowing in air..
Hearing the mersmerising love songs..
Rivals of love rose and plan to seperate these loving souls..
But the destiny played a great role..
Both merged from heart and became one soul they do not want these bodies any more.
As they are one heart two bodies and one soul.
@Saraswati Poswal
Alluring moon standing still and watching all from the horizon line.
We find moon standing with different zenith of our lives.
It is spreading love and grace in its light
Who are awakened enjoys its showers.
From this glorious esteem moon is peering and knocking the doors of living elements of land.
Who welcomes him with infinite love.
This cresendo watching with uncondituonal love.
Spreading fruictive essence of adoring and admiring all in its light.
Embracing all with benovelant smile.
Cuddling all in its light.
We all are children of moon..
When we are sleeping
He standing awake at night.
@Saraswati Poswal
Vacumm of air is filled with the pressure of words around..
Our planet requires silence to flurish more than without sound..
Peace is domain power of all sun, moon nature and other creature astound.
Dont exhibit pressure lay the words on and unnecessary,honking screaming around.
Which demolish the waves of different layers of atmosphere and the small and big creatures suffer from big hazards.
I see the small puppies on my street.
When moving cars and bikes powerfully honk around.
They are distroyers of nature and animals.
We call animals are animals
Have you ever seen animals unnecessary screaming around.
Why do we exert pressure to kill these big and small animals and creatures around.
Why so much recklessness around.
@Saraswati Poswal
Saraswati Poswal

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