Poems by Hana Shishiny

Poems by Hana Shishiny


The African sun

On the labyrinth of hazy roads
Under a fiery sun blaze
I am walking..Holding my thoughts
Burning in this furnacing glaze
Smelling the heat on my skin
As hell opening gates,to let me In
Feelings fuming like dry leaves
African sun would you heal
A shattered heart that solely grieves
Would he hold on in this forlorn life
Or ,would he keeps on beyond the strife ..

There should be a day when I will dance
And run in every moving breeze
Back home…surviving rainless days
Leaping on all. Surpassing fence
Healing my burns…and finally Leese

By Hana Shishiny
May 2017



Somewhere over the celebrating May land
Somewhere over the fusion of colors and scents
A coming dawn to capture by hands
A sunrise is coming to show ..a love to be sent…

Wake me up with a kiss
Take my day to your love
Shower me with your bliss
wrap my heart in Satin dove

by Hana Shishiny
May 2017


The lavender fragrance

Like a field of Lavender
When tangos with CARESSING winds
Like a redolent fragrance of an aroused spring
You came intoxicating my senses and my mind. .

Like glowing ripples on a calm ocean waves
Rolling playfully in the arms of silver moon
Like wandering unpatient hands courting the shore
Your love,endless miracle ,that came and left so soon

In a glance I flew into wondrous dreams
Beyond the beauty,the ugly,beyond that all
A tapistry of woven silken stream
Cherishing bestowed moments of happiness I stole

I can sit forever on that familiar bench
Hugging memories ,climbing to eternity
Sorrow and joy mingled in deep wrench
Saddened by life’s play,when all gets back to reality..

by Hana Shishiny
April 2017



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