Poems by Samrudhi Dash

Poems by Samrudhi Dash
I didn’t know silence too speaks volumes
It’s voice echoing through empty walls
Ricocheting off the blank ceiling
Stretched taught like an empty canvas
With the fan overhead whirring away in eternal monotony
I didn’t know that getting no message is also a message
That it’s in this world of ultrasonics and infrareds
That I can hear the gentle scratch of pen on paper
The soft rustling of pages
The tick tick of the grandfather clock
I didn’t know that solitude flowers into a silence
That’s perhaps more disrupting than chaos
That I would live to hear the steady drip drip of my tears
And a strained anguished breathing
That paves way for another sleepless night
I didn’t know that silence comes in so many shades
Of crimson, charcoal and grey
It’s avalanche intricately carved into a frightening silhouette
That would soon possess the little sanity left in me
Robbing that delectable innocence I pride myself for
I didn’t know what I had once longed for
Could prove to be so leathal
Depriving body of spirit
Thoughts of emotions
Churning out machines from humans
Crafting masterpieces of pretension…
I knew not the vicissitudes of life
It’s panoramic glares that have proved blinding
Crippling an able body, an affirmative soul
With canker that infects every nook of this mortal world
I knew not that
Silence too had a voice, so terrifying in its magnanimity!
Copyright Samrudhi Dash
A bedazzled sky
Canvas of the darkest blue
Pierced by the dim flush of the silver disk
Cascading waves of a breeze tantalizingly soothing
Chains my mystic mind to the fragrance of the first mango showers
In the scintillating gaze of the nocturnal realms
Heart abounding in ecstasies unbound
Lending a keen ear
To the many voices of silence
I rejoice in the solitude of this darkness
Which still illuminates my face
In divine halo…
Unsung melodies, unspoken words
All unchained today in a whisper to the winds
As I learn to live for myself
The bedazzled silver disk glows brighter still
As if in encouragement
In these dark hours of an eerie calmness
Occasionally punctuated by the distant hoot of an owl
I run my fingers over the scars on my wrists
Nostalgia flooding my eyes with tears
That I now resolutely refuse to shed
When even in darkness, I find light
Then why not catch fleeting moments of happiness
In the general humdrum of life…
She is indeed a damsel
Come to my rescue
And as I crane my neck for a better look,
From somewhere in the midst of this soulful silence
A voice softly lisps out of the blue
“Darling, it’s your life
Fill the pages of each day with beautiful smiles
Picturesque moments and utter fulfillment
So that in the last full moon night
When it’s time to bid goodbye
The boatman awaiting to ferry you across to eternity,
You shall have lived life king size
And the last page of your diary would read
Blissfully I leave at the height of my success! “
Smiling I turn back into the room
Having been enlightened by the rhapsody of a miraculous moonlight…
Copyright Samrudhi Dash
Tossing and turning like a turbulent tide
Caught in a fire of emotions
That overpower me every night
As I make fruitless attempts to drive away those faceless poltergeists
Tears streaming down my face, flooding the pillow
I have become a prisoner of memories
Languishing in a bitter past
As I regret mistakes made
The canvas of my life a gory picture indeed
Nothing other than meaningless graffiti
I rush out to my terrace for a breath of fresh air
Looking up at the stars blinking in a perfect nocturnal realm
I realize with shame that nothing was ever real
Living too long in a world of fantasy, an imagined utopia
Now that you have left me stranded
I know what the truth is…
It’s not the person that I actually miss
It’s more the memories we made
You and I
Juxtaposed against a curtain of pretension That I failed to see through…
But today as the eclipsed moon
Emerges from beneath her veils
I know it hardly matters what more could have happened
In the months to come
Perhaps a bit more of borrowed pleasure from that illusion you had caged me in
But after all it was supposed to end, someday
Now that I come to think of it
They all were right all along
That I was too gullible, too believing
And you were but a dementia who sucked at my soul little by little
I wonder whether you ever took my words seriously
Or was just sensuality all that ever mattered to you
Like handing a lollipop to a little kid
You had just ruled me, leading the way
Deaf to my blabber
Poised in your purpose
But today that I can read between the lines
I wipe away those tears with a determined ferocity
I know the memories will still haunt me
But in the end time will come to my rescue
Resolving my third mistake, perhaps my biggest one
Turn me into someone I can one day be proud of
And head held high
Walk away in a perfect gait
Having no regrets whatsoever
About all those things that were left unsaid Rejoicing that there’s still a part of me that you will never come to know…
Copyright Samrudhi Dash

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