MIDDAY MESSAGE… / By: Susana Roberts



By: Susana Roberts

My brothers,
Every day bless the food and do not waste it. Many human beings on the planet have nothing to eat. Eat with moderation, take care of your organism, it is a machine and a good, you must take care of for the important mission in connection with your spiritual being. Do not say prayers uselessly but with a constructive spiritual purpose with health and strong intentions towards who is in need. Do not use the Bible or another saint book as a manual of calculations to anticipate events or to expect from it any miracle. Do not spread words against one or another religion as a fanatic; they all have its reasons to be respected. Connect your words with your inner self and the light that give inspiration to you and achieve some changes during your daily’s tasks.

Never discriminate a human being, a human attitude, a human work, wait and ponder, adjust your knowledge to the comprehension of the mistakes or virtues as your great work of your life. The way of others souls are working is laudable, they could be teachers, artists, politicians, or a poor, unknown sleeping in the street.
All are Human Beings.We all have our mission, big or small, our reason of life on the planet. The important role of each human being is to cultivate virtues, the important searching is harmony and right now, discover and nourish the essence with the light that was given to each of us during the birth.

I watched very serious human situations in the society all over the planet. Power and corporations dominate the market, afterwards it will be the massive problem of lack of water, climate changes, new viruses and so on.

Is this named crisis the only way of reconstructing?.It is needed the role of instructors, educators in Culture of Peace, in Spiritual Culture be ready to help those who are lost in the middle of violence, and cooperate in this mission.

I feel inmerse in this time of confrontation between the pernicious arms’ power and the increasing social violence , in other hand, groups of Peace in grow that believe in the positive change with new sources , people that educate, write, report and is ready to expand their voices and actions, in the way the chaos if it comes, there are tools to confront..

My Brothers, don’t wait Life pass in front of your eyes for making a change. Time is fiercely, agile and fatal, do not waste our history to be a complete harmonious humankind.
Martin Heidegger, in 1930 left us these words: ” When the most isolate corner of the Globe be technically conquered and economically exploited; when an event were quickly accessible at the same time in many places, when an attempt could be experienced , simultaneously in France and in Tokyo, when the time be instantaneous , understood like to happen historically, then exactly will return ,as gosths, the crossroad of these words: Why?, towards, where? and later what?..

These words of midday is a brief meeting with you, in any place of the globe you live, where a relic of prayers and good actions continue joining people in invisible bridges of human understanding building this harmonious and spiritual era in the fleeting space of the time.

I bless you, my best wishes in the light, love and Harmony-

copyright-Susana Roberts (art and virtue in human evolution)

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