Poems by Sharon-Elizabeth Walker

Poems by Sharon-Elizabeth Walker
There’s hope for humanity
When young children are unafraid
to hug, and openly embrace.
There’s hope for the human race.
Innocence prevail, unaware of
humanity’s failings, inequalities.
Unaware of bigotry
Friendship upon friendship knows no bounds
Limitless kindness all around –
For all to see,
who dares wins –
There is hope as our children embrace.
(c) Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2017
The Song of the Blackbird echoes around
Calling to all who hears her sound.
Beckoning souls tranquility brings
Gifts of joy softening spirits, on blended wings.
The song of the blackbirds beckons us come
united in pure harmony of sound.
Majestically honours each new day brings
As hearing, and blending her melodious calls.
So thankfully, full of begratitudes come
Yet, sharing her beauty, without going astray –
to anyone, everyone who comes by her way.
Thank you dear God for pleasing of joy
Please now we ask Thee –
please bless us to share these moments of joy?
(c) Sharon-Elizabeth Walker 2017
I’m sitting in the park here eating fish ‘n’ chips
Serenaded by choral sounds
Sweetening each, and every morse, as
Drop by drop and down and down flows the liquid to each beat.
Memories of long ago we as tots with eager sit
With excitement, mouths salivating, as each and singular aroma flowed.
“Fish and chips twice” came bellowing o’er the sounds
Fryers (and their shakers), and the clattering of the pans –
Crescending down came clash, and crackles
as each new plate was served.
“What will be your sweet fancy, today dear lads ‘n’ lassies?” was heard,
voiced came our replies “bangers ‘n’ chips four please, Uncle Jim”
Voiced in perfect unison, came our swift reply.
“And you my dearest lady – beauty and serene, what shall be your sweet palate … ?”
But before our mum had chance to answer four loud giggles went Uncle Jim’s way.
“Fish and chips please Jim sir” , purposely went out came her reply
for back when we were all younger did
our much-loved mother have
the bestest EVER perfect sense of humour –
But not before her blushed pinked cheeks
and sea-blue crystal sparkled eyes –
Our Mother.
(c) Sharon-Elizabeth Walker 2017

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