Poems by Saraswati Poswal

Poems by Saraswati Poswal
Woods drying getting wiethered
With the change of climate.
When the sun will shine.
Throw its light.
Will turn all green and pleasant side.
No matter it is dry but silence and peace flows.
Collecting many memories.
He was born in these hues.
All were green and ellued.
He went to city for studies.
Now settled for his flurish.
Now remembering his child hood days.
He touched and speak to each dry hues to inhale.
Live the life with gestures.
Though I am not living here any more.
But my memories and heart are glaring and feel yoir roars.
@Saraswati Poswal
All want the attire of fame
Which is won by the deeds, achievments,talent shown by one and appreciated by the mob.
He/She who gets fame has to keep there level and expectations of others till that horizon.
Fame gives them wings to fly.
Show them path which is right.
Never let them divert even on the great heights
Fame is not easily acquired it is one persons hard word dedication with pure thoughts not expecting anything in return get this fomthable asset.
People get jealoused from the person getting fame..
But who attain fame if he or she stay calm and humble gain.
@Saraswati Poswal
Morning comes with rhythm of music
With the new sunshine.
Evening come with the falling of sun from the sky.
With rhythm of songs sung by the birds flying back to home at dawn in the sky.
Hear the rhythm of moon when night fall in the sky
Moon sings the romantic songs and the lullaby’s up in the sky.
Stars twinkle and dance with the rhythm whole night.
I saw the flaws of the river which dazzle and dance together all the drops fall in the sea with rhythm.
I see the flowers dance in the garden with the songs sung by the winds in rhythm.
@Saraswati Poswal
Saraswati Poswal

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