Let me see religion in your behaviour / Poem by Sehma Helaa

Poem by Sehma Helaa


Let me see religion in your behaviour

Not in your looks
let me listen to your wisdom
And share you virtue books
let me stretch your hand 
to reach the dry hill
And beg the suspended cloud
to pour mercy once for all
why do you make from greed your cloak ?
why don ‘t you believe in departure time
And be aware that when you make from religion a shield
your prayers are fake
And you dance with the fiend
let’s urge the charity font
to all creatures
Make sure that when you sleep full
No hungry stomach shall lurk in the future
Let me listen to your sermons
Dancing with the songs of a cause
Fighting greed, hunger
And blood -sucking without a pause
Do not demolish my house to erect your place
Do not snatch my loaf ,
sow seeds of concern as you pass
what I have noticed is that you
Pass pass to my suffering you are regardless
Do not boast about your castle here ,
looking forward to getting one there
with your soft intentions for others
your dwellings are everywhere

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