Poems by Flerida Ambrocio

Poems by Flerida Ambrocio
Leave Me Alone
Leave me alone
for i want silence
In silence, i can fly to the moon and play among
the stars.
In silence, my astral body can travel, goes on and on
Until i reach the top of the universe where i enjoy the fantastic views of magnificent lights that enhance my wellbeing
That makes me feel
like queen.
O’ how i dance with the music of angels singing lullaby to caress my lonely soul wanting and longing for love that never fade
A love that never find
fault nor mistakes
A love that was reciprocated, an everlasting love that never under estimate who i am
What i am, where i am.
O’ how i wish to experience
Complete silence .
I enjoy solitude
I enjoy quiet and serene
Surroundings which nobody disturb me, nobody, nobody
I love complete silence.
In silence i can talk to God,
The Father Almighty
Who console me
Who give me hope
To carry on
Who lift my soul when i’m down and trouble .
Yes, i want to be alone
So please don’t distub me
I don’t want noise
I simply love silence
So please, leave me alone.
For Every Tear
For every tear i learned something .
For every tear,
there’s a blessings .
For every tear
no matter what
Sorrows, sadness,
Joy and laughter
I did’nt expect
I caught barefooted
The more i cry
Lots of surprises.
I thank God
for every tear i shed.

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