Poems by Nutan Sarawagi 

Poems by Nutan Sarawagi 


No more…, no more

Was there a soul

it was dead 
Lost as it lay
Tied in a sore
Browbeaten battered
Broken to its core

Wandering alone unknown unknowing
Leave me alone let me go
I an no ones answer
not even mine
I am trapped in my own soul
A heart beating
no more
A sound that reflects
only pain
A tear that falls
Holding it
it’s own oar

Row me faster
For I dare not fall
Steer me out
I am away from my shore

A shore that knows no shore
Just goes
A life of pretence
For I am the wind
Against me
That blows

Fly me away
As I touch
myself in you
In my heart to soar
A pain that no more goes
Just waits for more

A hurt that hurts itself
Until there is nothing left
To hurt anymore

Hurt me I couldn’t care less
For I have now learnt to live
Without a heart

That beckons itself

The last straw
that drowns
loosing its moor
Washed ashore
As lost as before

I don’t belong
to you anymore

As It cries no more no more


Peace and Peace 

Why do we fight
We were always one
We were always made to live together unite 
Then why this fright
Why do we succumb to the rule of the might
Why this terror
Why this strife
Hurting each other
Can’t we see we are being taken for a ride
When people who rule look at immediate gains
They kill us with blithe
For their vote banks
As they become stooges of life
Raise us above this level
Oh god
Fill us with your might
Don’t let us fight
This is my plea
Let’s look beyond ourselves
Not beneath us
As the people
Who like
Who love the world God created
Who in him instilled his light
To breathe his life
Now we break in us
Why this lust to kill and strike
Can’t we see beyond our nose
Why in their noose do we live tied
Rise to face the world
The world that breathes in its own might
Don’t kill us , we are but you your own life
Wake us in you don’t leave us
light our way in your light
where there was one breath
when you created life
God in your love
Just sight
The beauty of life lived under one life
In your canopy
Protected under its umbrella
In it to live and rise

In your kindly light
Lead us on
In it to break out
From their ugly light
For what is a world
Lived without love
For what is a world
That only hates to strive
Taking life from under its feet
Strangling me in it’s hold so tight

Baring me ..taring my insides
For I was made to love
In your hate you take away my life

Go away I don’t want to live with you
Go away from my own life
go away
for you were not me
Go away
for you cheated me
to believe that you were mine
Now in it to flee
With my love withheld in me
Break me in
Take me out
The heart beating one within me
Erase it from the face of the earth
My name , my you in me , no more to see
For I was born in you to be
The love that lived and rose with thee
In that new dawn to bring in me
The rays of sunshine that shone in me
Now they leave for the day
in it’s night engulfing me
The dark clouds in the horizon
As they fall in the rain of sunshine calling me
reign all day until you are quenched of your love for revenge
when we were all one
Now why do you fight me
am I your none
Kill me if you like
for my day has just begun
in you as I live
as my none

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