FROM THE BOTTOM / Poem by Timothy Payton

Poem by Timothy Payton



I was at the bottom
literally at the bottom,
Was caught up into problems,
couldn’t even solve them
Ran around with dummies
drugged up & Bummy
While sipping on a bottle,
drunken on this journey,

Next to nothing of earnings,
had dreams inside burning,
Life for me is a Hussle,
barely any muscle,
Used my determination,
to make due in relations,
Knowing inside I shine,
through perseverance,
I’ll rise,

Got my stuff together,
figured out a plan,
really seen who’s with me,
& those of other plans,
Got on my grind,
polished up my mind,
Built up & gained,
my finances & body frame,

Now I’m someone,
of worth, merit, gift,
Mean so much, to so many,
use my words to uplift,
A worker of a 9 to 5,
awards, publishings & mentorship,
Yet came from the bottom,
to rise above the storm.


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