Poems by Bam Dev Sharma

Poems by Bam Dev Sharma



You want to live in peace,
I want to live in peace,
The wily plants too;
For they wait for balmy rays,
As if anxious lovers in the morning,
Facing stiffening cold whole night!

The garden brightens in hue,
And the birds peck ripe plums,
Playing with leaves and twigs,
Hopping over branches.

The hills try to caress– The gullible horizons
Bemused in joy,
And tall trees in the woods
Salute the ever-welcoming sky
In firm solitude.

The moon doesnot lag behind,
To emit cool rays,
Towards the earth
And flower girls sing
The songs of happy springs.

And far away ring the bells
Awakening every living soul
Imparting peaceful trance
Colored in profound muse
Purged in bliss!



Can anyone help me ?
Some day I want to write a poem,
On the sheet of human miseries,
With the ink of tears!

I think paper sheets sapped
Many of my poems
Formatted in books and glossy anthologies
Cloyed in ornate metaphors
And exasperating ironies
Which dry as weltering weeds.

But when tears become ink—-
They surcharge warmth
They melt hearts
They can become rivers
As if descending from the hills
Of human destinies
Towards the pensive sea.

I want to float on that river
In its sonorous muse
Fraught with new destination,
Beyond human destinies!



We see sweltering clouds
Swirl in the sky
Turning into cool rain
Like our wounds
Turning into warm tears.

From the tall hills
Waltz the beacons of light
To clasp fatuous valleys
In perseverance
The horrendous castles
Of impotence and human vagaries.

Then human tales
Begin to transform
Into splattering drops
Of love and grace
Emitting radiant joys
Blazed in symphony
Rhymes of life!


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