A COLLABORATIVE POEM written on the COLLAPSE OF AN BRIDGE AT VICTORIA TERMINUS STATION, MUMBAI, USED BY 75, 000 COMMUTERS EVERYDAY, on their way to work as it came down bringing debris and death with it along , taking the lives of people who fell to death in its rubble
headlong !



Destruction and damages everywhere,
Stench of death in the air,
How long innocent commuters have to bear?
How to console those souls crying in despair.

Negligence or corruption, there will be an investigation,
Some bucks will be doled out as compensation,
Sermons will be delivered on accident prevention,
Some crocodile tears will be let out to gain attention.

Authorities refuse to learn a lesson,
Countrymen are repeatedly asking the same question,
There will be a committee to arrive at a conclusion,
Yes, one or two will be put under job suspension.

They keep their cover on information,
Then the files will be closed citing God’s intervention,
Vague intentions and finding no solution,
Another accident and process repetition.

If passing the buck is made an Olympic game,
Our officials would have garnered unmatched fame,
BMC and Railways excel in the game of blame,
Who cares how many lives their negligence did claim?

Contractors who sell their conscience,
Unmindful of human loss and its consequence,
Officials who take bribes to approve the structure hollow,
They all need to be sent to gallows.



The radio was blaring
beating its song as people fell prey
carrying , pulling their miseries along

don’t fall take me with you to belong ,

’’it’s a tough life here , at every corner
there are pitfalls , be careful this is Mumbai my jaan ( dear )’’

A song six decades old
in it your heart melts
Even today so relevant as it belts
Singing it’s classic song , as it trips along

‘’you find everything here except hearts
no humans here no sign of love
be cautious this is Bombay my love ‘’

‘’Everyone a vagrant here
people cut throats of people
and call it business ,
one thing has many names here
this is Bombay for you dear
you call the world bad , don’t act so innocent , one who does something , pays for it too dear
that’s the custom here ‘’

The BLAME GAME begins
As the usual story bleats
the BMC blaming the railways
the railways the BMC
each other in their fight
Who to beat

Washing their hands of the incident saying that it’s not worthy
in its worry their worry to keep
it doesn’t come under their jurisdiction
it’s your defeat
Blaming the other all and sundry
but themselves
their evil eye cast
A dice thrown in
a fate forecast

is this a murder
or a case of negligence
Who cares
who knows its definition
Let’s put it all in the past

An anger that only knows horror
an angst filled with sorrow
A feeling of destitution
Rings in so hollow

Will things ever change
they ask
no one answers
ministers bypass ;
In their comfortable homes
sitting, alas !!!

For these our masses
Do they have any class ?
A committee
will be soon set up
for investigation
to place the remains of a pain
that doesn’t even pretend to last
Will they ever be tried they are already
considered dead , it’s their loss

Gathering dust in a file never to be
in it forever be …no let them die
For they help …our population decrease
Crushed in the debris beneath
in cries that shriek
A life snuffed out
short lived.. never to keep

For was it even worthy to live
but no one hears its cries
it dies a natural death
In its fears as it lies
Trampled and killed

as people gather in grief
In cries of outrage
anger and defeat

Life, why do you defy
I lie dead
in you emitting a sigh
In eyes that cry
don’t cry
I am already dead
In you your deceit

Based on the old Hindi song from movie CID released in the year 1956

‘’ ae dil hai mushkil jeena yahaan, zara haT ke, zara bach ke
yeh hai bombay meri jaan ‘’

( O heart, it’s tough to live here, move a little, be careful,
it’s Bombay, my dear.)

It’s a classic song that talks about the difficulties of Bombay as it was at the time. The lyricist talks about the loss of humanity in big city and the games people play, while at the same adding a line about the justice the city gives you.

Copyright:- Nutan Sarawagi and K.Radhakrishnan

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