Ukiyo-e Artist / Poem by Maki Starfield

Poem by  Maki Starfield


Ukiyo-e Artist

A Ukiyo-e print
is Japanese art
a painting in the early Renaissance period
a Greek painting,
an old Dutch painting,
a fine work of art.

Van Gogh loves Ukiyo-e prints,
He created his own art
Like Rembrandt, Potter, Hals, Van der Mail whom he respected
Like Ostade and Roy D’Alar
He made his color
In Arles
He painted a sunflower
In Saint-Rémy
He drew a straw and a wheat field
Right now I
I am facing one who loved Ukiyo-e
A faint sound that touches the age –
Although I loved Ukiyo-e
Is it an auditory illusion like sobbing?

My hot eyes are
Chasing after it.


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