Poems by Dasharath Naik

Poems by Dasharath Naik
How enticing being in love on lease
Now digging my grave in my heart
Toiling hard but with absolute ease
To bury myself in its formidable fort.
Conjuring up all the images of my life
In fulfillment with my words fairly wise
It’s time I went on bidding all ‘goodbye’
Who knows how it does feel otherwise .
Lured in the symphony of golden songs
My valley reverberates in its orchestra
My living Utopia, my Odyssey my works
How pleasant living life in fancy’s aura !
Life so sublime and I have had my share
My days have already been numbered ;
Like sand grains, slipping from my palms
The sweetest thoughts yet to be shared .
The Sun will rise although already it’s late
Form and shape will take designed things;
A meaningful life I have always dreamt of
And here I come , all my friends and foes.
Forgotten myself in my words,
a ceaseless quest ,
For my off-spring straight from
the heart ,my best .
Fortunately feeling pregnant with
the haunting emotion,
Fire of feelings kissing me and
the world where I motion.
Freely roaming in the dark abyss
of my oceanic mind
Fine-tuning my emotions, tear
and blood combined.
Frolics treasuring my sensibility with advent of inspiration
Fun adding fuel to my creativity
intensely wild and golden.
Foraging words me lay busy day and night till exhausted,
Filigree using to enrich my poem lest it should be rejected.
Foregrounding thoughts in the blank paper of my mind,
Fabricating with a bit of my craziness as a cute child .
Fondling my words kissing my lines I go smiling heartily ,
Filaceous it appears and I sing
in full swing triumphantly.
Finally capturing me to flow
like an eternal stream
Farther till ideas connect
readers genuine and warm.
*(c) Dasharath Naik

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