Poems by Armenida Qyqja

Poems by Armenida Qyqja
I released the boats of my feelings
In the deep ocean of your eyes,
The white masts took the wind
From your warm lips full of love.
A single drop of water, a wave,
Inside your eye, a storm I am,
An endless hug in time,
That engulfs your fragile soul.
My love, in the ocean of your heart
I sail and rest like the lost Atlantis,
A world that sleeps for thousands of years,
By your kisses and the breeze covered…
Where can I lay my Fatherland to rest, where?
A handful of soil I hold in my bloody fist
And the smoke, the scorch of the fire
On my body, on my hair…
Worn out I wander through centuries of war,
I, Enea, son of the burned Troy,
I, a son left without a Fatherland…
Where will I lay my Fatherland to sleep,
So that tears of longingness do not drown my heart?
A handful of soil I hold in my bleeding fist,
Grieving I wander through centuries, old…
When clouds of doubts cover your sun,
Remember that I love you, my love,
Remember that I am waiting for you beyond them,
Beyond the storms blown by the words,
Beyond the tempests,
Their anger and torrential rains,
Empty getaways, emptied streets.
With your kiss on my eyes I wait for you,
The longingness for you on my forehead,
Where your dreams sleep for eternity.
I wait for you beyond the days and nights,
Beyond seasons,
Beyond the dimmed lights of separations,
You, just come!
The thick walls, clench their stoned teeth,
Trying to hide the truth,
The cobbled pathways that thirsty blood have drank for centuries,
Are trying to vanish the code of silence,
Behind the sounds of the noisy steps…
Betrayal, with the very first stones of the foundations,
Just like in the biblical morning, brother against brother,
Over people’s bodies the walls rose,
Over bodies, the stones place found, one over the other…
Betrayal, life and death over slops
Kissing each other like tongues of flame,
Time pours over the thick walls endlessly,
The betrayals evolve together with the tools of war…
Empty are today the galleries at the castle’s entrance,
And a flock of pigeons are cooing in the dark
But they cannot silence the fallen, by the thousands,
Right here, over the stones, at the doorsteps…

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