Minko Tanev (Bulgaria)

Minko Tanev (Bulgaria)

Lecturer of Bulgarian language for foreign students – Medical University, Plovdiv. Author of 6 books of poetry, published in Bulgaria. Co-author of a bilingual haiku book, published in India. Participated in anthologies and editions in Japan, Philippines, India, China, Vietnam, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Germany, France, England, USA, Africa. Editor of over 70 books. Numerous awards around the world, including Gold Stars from Global Literary Society, Red Quills – POEMarium, Platinum Star- Literature Lovers’ Association, Cupid Award – Poetry Planet. In list of the Best Poets – Writers of World, 2019, World Nations Writers’ Union. In Tthe First and The Second Anthology of World Gogoshi. Co-author of “Songs of Peace” – World’s Biggest Poetry Anthology.
Member of Union of the Bulgarian Writers, Society of the Plovdiv writers, Haiku Club – Рlovdiv, the Bulgarian haiku Union, The Haiku Foundation – USA, United Haiku and Tanka Society – UK, the World Haiku Association, GLS, World Nations Writers’ Union.
The rose antique bleeds
with a sun thorn in the heart –
henceforth not a moment’s rest.
Achilles’ heels momentarily spur
our light trail, my impulse.
I recognized the goddess of love
and a look from above exalted her with a lunar halo
and our Milky Way is coming enthusiastically
through the dark bowels of a star trunk.
I chant the sign of fire
and may God judge me
with my heavenly drama or farce.
About the ghostly explosions.
About the nuclear tickle.
About the merging Venus with Mars.
I loved the midnight picture
on the wonderful ghostly hill.
If I’ll go far from here,
my heart will raise it up.
I loved the glittering abysses
of the morning snow and smoke.
Forever if I’ll disappear,
their flesh will reborn me.
I used to love the solar nets
of this adorable game.
I hope someone will notice me,
if I’ll spark on that hill.
I’ll stare with the eyes of bird
in the astonished vault of sky
and I’ll fly slightly into the dusk
into my next life.
A volcanic touch flamed up
throughout splashes of light.
On your starry shoulder
I was rising with the sun.
Dear my, with colorful eyes,
with different faces –
you resurrected my dream.
And the infinity invoked me
in your gaze flashed bright beams.
Over the glowing horizons
and longing beyond the universe
an explosion has dissolved Atlantis
into ours sudden memories.
Strings of harp –
the myth of Orpheus
lives in collective memory.
Music from celestial spheres
exalts us.
We continue with spunk
in the future.
I clarify my essence
in the mirror of the day.
Countless faces are lost
along the way.
God’s power moves the galaxies.

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