TRAVELER – Poem by Alicia Minjarez Ramírez / Translated by: Alaric Gutiérrez

Poem by Alicia Minjarez Ramírez



Redemptive breeze
Imprisons my space,
Like raining stars
As fragrant words
At the crescent moon,
Salt conspires about
Your shooting and lasting

Blue air flutter about
Your wet
Vertices notes,
Ascending through
The tree’s essence.
Guttural sounds
Spotting the horizon.

I sense you
Among murmurs
Of leaves
Diluting liquid shadows,
Pigeon’s pieces,
Luminance music
Of the dreams
We forge.

I find you,
Wrong or right,
In haste;
In the rain’s
Incessant voice.
Beautiful traveler
Of dreamed steps
And arms of fire.

Drowned in
Desire-scented steam
I dusk upon
Foreign oaks,
As touch produced by
Your path;
Dark moor
Of an old sky reinvent
Your word of light,
The illusory
Copulation of language.

Translated by: Alaric Gutiérrez

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