Poems by Ewelina Maria Bugajska – Javorka

Poems by Ewelina Maria Bugajska – Javorka


Love Is…

Love is amorphous
To the moment when
Two souls become one
And give it a shape,
Flawless and bright.


Logic VS Fate

Logic: A theory of correct thinking
Always forces us to analyze
The matters with syllogism
But on the other side, my dear
The fate is so puckish, so deceitful
It plays the game so cunningly
And turns all tangible into abstract.


Spots Skin Deep

It is not a rain
But the sky weeps
To wash away dust of human hearts
Hatred, ego and jealousy
The black clouds hang over us
To purge us all with tears
But we still do not pay any heed
We are busy in making filthy
Body and mind, heart and soul
I do not know how many times
The sky shall have to weep
To wash the spots, skin deep.


Take Me Away

I am here my life
So embrace me
Wrap me in your blanket
And let me love you
I gave you my heart
My thoughts and my mind,
So now they belong to you
Be my winged Pegasus
Bear me to the top of Olympus
And do not let me fall off your back
Take me away on the golden track.


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