SAGA OF A RAINY DAY / Poem by Jagdish Prakash

Poem by Jagdish Prakash



Resting on the windows ledge
I gaze,
At the gathering clouds
Making unmaking doodles
Like my random thoughts
Bursting into showers
Like a nymphomaniac’s passion
And in a state of orgasmic fury
Banging against my window panes.

Feeling moist surface on the glassy surface
With my finger pores
I see a shiver flow down on my sinews
Running fingers in my disheveled hair
I hear soft strains of Raga Malhar
Rising gradually
Over soft thud of pouring rain.

Lightening flashes
Sky thunders
Trees swoon
Toads croak
Roads turn in puddles
A lonely bird flutters wings
Heartbeats rise
Folding my arms across my chest
I sink into a rhapsody
My eyes are closed
Ripples of a poem
Stir my heart strings
The song rises to a crescendo
Memories go on a roll call
Of rain soaked days of years gone by
My gaze remains fixed on falling rain
While the song keeps repeating in slow tempo.


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