Poems by Smruti Ranjan Mohanty 

Poems by Smruti Ranjan Mohanty 




What stands in between
You and success
Is not lack of opportunity
But lack of motivation and will to succeed.

What stands in between
You and success
Is not lack of talent
But lethargy and inactivity

What differentiates you
From a man of success
Is not birth, upbringing, affluence
And education in quality institutions
But your inability to believe in yourself
And make use of the opportunities
That have come your way.

What stands in between
You and success is stupidity
Lack of faith in yourself
Tenacity of purpose and
A strong will to succeed.
Your are not successful
That doesn’t mean
You don’t deserve it
You have not valued
And explored yourself.

No one stands
In between you and success
Except yourself
Nothing is in between
You and your destination
Except your attitude to life

Come out of your seclusion
Look at yourself once more
No one is as good as you
None deserves success
More than you deserve
Motivate yourself
Cultivate that killer instinct
Put everything you have
Success will be at your doorstep

Success understands no other language
Except the language of success
Start right now
Work hard with purpose
There is no shortcut to success
Planning, labour, determination
Concentration, dedication and application
Will see you through
Carry the will and zeal all along
Performance and ability
Are measured in minutes and seconds
Don’t procrastinate
Others will go-ahead and
You will miss the bus once again




Does not matter
How much money you have earned
How many assets you have amassed
How much wealth you have accumulated
What matters
Are you happy at the end of the day?

Does not matter
How powerful you are
How many follow you
You may pluck the sun and moon
Make the world a dry desert
What matters
Are you happy with yourself?

Doesn’t matter
How beautiful you are
Unless you are beautiful inside
Doesn’t matter
How beautifully you have decorated your house
Unless you have taken care to
Decorate your mind with priceless wisdom
And compassion for others

Doesn’t matter
Whether you have stepped on the moon
Travelled across the world
What matters
Are you able to content yourself?

Doesn’t matter
How knowledgeable and educated you are
Unless you know how to
Educate yourself and have knowledge of self
By knowing which you don’t need to
Know anything else.

Do you eat and sleep properly and
Have time for yourself
And all those you love
With all the wealth of the world
You are just a pauper
Unless you have quenched your thirst
And spend your resources
For the betterment of others.
If the answer is no
Just add one more adjective
To those suffixed and prefixed to your name
Liability, you are just a liability to yourself
And the vast multitude




How can I forget
the sweat of the poorest of the poor
that has gone into my making?

How can I forget
I am brought up on the taxpayer’s contribution
And the resources of the country?

How can I forget
The system that groomed me and
Stood by me at the time of my need?

How can I forget
The air, water and sunlight
That nourished me?

How can I forget
The summer shower, smell of the moist earth
That drenched me?

How can I forget
The love, commitment and dedication of others
That kept me alive?

How can I forget
The language of empathy and reciprocation
That taught me the lessons of life?

How can I forget
My parents, siblings, friends and teachers
For whom I am what I am?

How can I forget
My employer, boss and colleagues
With whom I have spent quality time of life?

How can I forget
My love, kids and family
Who have made my life sheer poetry?

How can I forget
The environment and ecosystem
That sustained my existence?

How can I forget my country,
My mother who has given me an identity
And purpose to live?

Is it not my duty
To listen to her voice
When she calls me and cries in silence?

If it is not the time to reciprocate
When they need me to
Then when? after everything is over.

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty ©


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