Paradigm Shift / Poem by Elizabeth Esguerra Castlllo

Poem by Elizabeth Esguerra Castlllo
Paradigm Shift
In the abyss, humanity is sinking
A different kind of war is at hand,
Nations battling a common invisible enemy
Threatening the extinction of the living, mortality rising
Behind the dark clouds, the evil forces continue to haunt
Setting the world on fire, greed over power reigning,
A few good men march on to save lives
Our modern day heroes in the line of fire.
Lives altered, norms turned, time elapsed,
A period of shift, the world is changing before our very eyes
People sent home while the Earth takes a breather
Shamans in Peru, indigenous healers
Told the people to remain calm, replace fear with faith
Everyone join hands, we are all in this together,
Lessons to be taught by the Universe is at our doorstep
A paradigm shift of change in the face of humanity.
Let all discrimination be set aside, we are One,
A new world is about to dawn, tomorrow is at hand
Let Love and Compassion reign, we will all win
Good will prevail in the end, the Earth will heal.
Author: Elizabeth Esguerra Castlllo (Philippines)

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