Poem by Narsing Bongu Rao

Poem by Narsing Bongu Rao
What should I do,
where should I go,
can anyone tell me?
To do or not to do,
at times
can be very confusing.
Look all around,
it is difficult
to find the right way.
Situations can be challenging,
but once we are on field,
there can be less scope
to look back.
Everything cannot be green,
many-a-times it is grey,
what we intend to do,
may have multiple ways to achieve,
but once we step forward
little can we be sure,
if the path we choose
is right or wrong.
Everything we do,
should have alternatives,
for, at times
we should be able to
slip out through the backdoor
and step back in the right direction.

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